The Four Pillars Of Success For A Super Structured You

What’s standing in the way of your great success, health and creativity?

It’s not how hard you work, how much you learn or how smart you are. It all boils down to a little known secret called The Four Pillars. The Four Pillars (Emotional, Leadership, Performance and Wealth Intelligence Pillar) are solid structures that support a super structured you. As a leader, pillars allow you to be a rock and a tower of strength. The Four Pillars uniquely and thoroughly address the greatest challenges faced by you in today’s world. If The Four Pillars are not kept equally strong it affects the otherwise solid structure and your dreams are in danger of tumbling down.

The Four Pillars allow you to operate from a place of complete strength. They permit you to mobilise and excel, building on a solid grounded foundation. From this place you can challenge your own blind spots and weaknesses and not lose ground. Each pillar takes you deeper into a life of your dreams.

The most powerful benefit of The Four Pillars training for yourself is to learn specifically how to generate your life’s dream into reality. Take your power back in all areas of Emotional, Leadership, Performance and Wealth Intelligence.

The modalities used in The Four Pillars are:

character analysis
core-connections transformation
voice dialogue
quantum physics
body-mind science

If what you passionately desire in this world is not quickly moving towards you, then one or more of your Pillars are not as strong as the others.

The Four Pillars includes a training manual, a follow-up night to review and integrate your amazing transformation. We have regular follow-up support and private sessions are available.

Do you think this program can work for you? Here is what other participants had to say at a recent Four Pillars event…

“I am a completely new person. This is because I came across Robert Kirby’s workshop. I did a free half day course and then enrolled in the Four Pillars without thinking “How am I going to pay for this?” and from that day my life has changed.

One of the days was on Manifesting and since then I have started to get everything I wanted. I am now on the verge of achieving my life dreams and I sometimes think what happened to the old me from ten years ago. It is very different now; I have a sense of happiness inside me. I have also found new friends from the course, like a family; it’s a beautiful support environment where you can talk about your issues; how to release them and how to accept them.

For this reason I can recommend to anyone to join this course without any inhibition or any hesitation whatsoever.”

‘I want to tell you how much I really, really enjoyed the Four Pillars and put my whole self into it. I have done quite a few courses and spent an extreme amount of money over the years, but I never got what I have got from this course. Nobody has ever brought me to this level and humbled me so much. I wanted to find out why I wasn’t loving; I found out I was just resisting it and it was there all the time. This has been a gift and Robert is a gift. Thank you.”

“Before I did this course I was on the floor and in the corner; but I was not ready to accept that fact. Because of this I was not able to face my issues. Now I feel really energetic and can do anything. I am not scared of people anymore.

Initially I was a bit sceptical. I thought maybe these thinks work for other guys but not for me. But I thought I’ll put my faith in Robert; I thought he knows his stuff and has been doing this for the last 20 years.

Whatever he is doing it’s going to work for you. Even if you have a small issue, just go for it…you life is going to change. I want to thank Robert and all his staff for helping me come all the way.”

“I’ve had an issue in life which has repeated a pattern over and over again in every relationship I’ve had. I’ve known about this since I was16 or 17; that’s the last 20 years. It’s been ruining my life; I have lived in this anxious and awful, awful place.

I’ve seen people in the past, gone to psychologists, seen counsellors, read books; even been on medication for a short time and I can tell you nothing has worked.

I am so grateful that five months ago I went to one of Robert’s free workshops where I was introduced to his work. From the moment he started speaking I connected; it was like he was speaking my language with every word that came out of his mouth.

Since then I have never looked back. From that point on I committed myself 100% to wanting to change myself, looking at the problem and dealing with it, because I could not continue the way I was going. Robert has committed 110%; he has matched me and committed to help me.

What I like about Robert’s work is that it is not about thinking about your thoughts; everything you can do you can do, you can do at home yourself and it’s practical. Every day I do my exercises and every day I change that little bit more. Robert, I just want to thank you very much. You have totally changed my life and very grateful to you.”

“I would like to say thank you to Robert and all of the team because I feel amazing. I have just had an experience I did not think I could have and I feel that a weight has been lifted off me. I feel positive that I can go towards my real future; they have done for me something that I didn’t think I could do; and it was me that did it. They just helped me.

I would reccommend to anyone that’s feeling lost and confused and stuck to give the Four Pillars a try because it really is more incredible than you could imagine it would be.”

“Before this course I was completely stuck in my life and stuck in a career and could see no way of getting out. During Robert’s course I really got the presence of grounding and being centred; I have this habit of going off in my head and being worried and concerned. Now I just feel that centeredness and powerful space; I can see so much possibility for really moving on and doing what I want in my life. I’ve had fun this morning just thinking how I am going to go about this; it seems so real for me.”

“Finding your heart in three days didn’t seem like it would be possible but after three days with Robert Kirby and his team I feel like there is a new beginning and an ‘old’ ending that should have happened a long time ago. I never had the skills, or the training, or knew the way to push through. This has helped me tremendously and I am grateful. Thank you very much.”

“I’ve just done the Four Pillars and it has been absolutely amazing. I came here when I was really down and out; I had no idea what I was going to do and where I was going to go and Robert Kirby’s Four Pillars has really changed my life.

I feel alive; I have so much to offer. I am happy again and my life is flowing and I am actually receiving the things that I want and that I need. This has really changed my life around and I cannot thank Robert enough for being a caring, sharing and compassionate person. He really and truly gives when he says he will, if there is one thing I would recommend to others they do in a lifetime it’s to get a taste of the Four Pillars.”

“I started doing the Four Pillars because I thought it was going to be beneficial for me. I was going through a deep depression; feeling really crushed and confused. This program has allowed me to live deep from my soul; to allow me to be myself and feel free and to know all my natural talents. I’m really grateful for my results; it has been a successful process and will keep bringing benefits.”

“I’d like to thank Robert Kirby and the team for allowing me to open my heart; it’s been closed for a very long time. For the first time in my life after doing some of the exercises I can now go into the zone with my emotions. This has only taken three to four days so imagine what it can do in a lifetime. Thanks again to Robert and the team.”

“The Four Pillars team has been tremendous support. I have always been living by trying to achieve things through my head and logic and yet not achieving for me what I really wanted in life. In the past four days I have learnt I can use my heart to achieve and attract my desires…it’s mind-blowing.

I truly, highly recommend anyone that wants change and to find peace in their life to come and do the Four Pillars. Thanks very much to Robert and the team to make this program available to anyone.”

“A big thank you to Robert and every member of the team on the Four Pillars Workshop. I have come away from the Four Pillars with a beautiful sense of love and respect for myself and the others in the course. The environment that is created is such a safe and loving and beautiful place. If you are someone that tends to run away, don’t run away.. you are safe! It’s a wonderful choice to get to where you want to go.”

“I’ve just had four days with Robert Kirby and a group of wonderful people. The best thing I have got from this program is that I know it all starts with me. I came into this course feeling I was already grounded enough and a friendly and lovable person. My biggest lesson is to trust myself and take responsibility for what has happened in my life and not to blame others. I feel a lot freer and happier. I am lighter and calmer and I know I am on the right direction.”

“I could highly recommend Four Pillars; the staff and Robert have been amazing. The transformation I have made has been incredible; I have been taken to the deepest of places you can imagine and I have come out of it OK. If you really want a great transformation do the Four Pillars.”

“I’ve just had an amazing four days. I’ve come from China straight into doing this course. I felt I had been losing some grounding and this course works at all levels, especially the chakra levels to open up the energy centres that could be blocked; that’s what I was looking for. It was perfect timing for me and I feel very grateful. I’ve allowed a lot of pent up feelings to be expressed and have contacted a deeper soul level.

There is a real safety in this workshop and I would recommend anyone to do it; you can trust yourself and trust the other people. I’ve been blown away by every process and the Assistants have been great; very supportive and a tower of strength.

Robert is incredible and you can allow yourself to surrender to what he has to offer and you as a participant can get your own love back. After the Four Pillars you can also be supported with other workshops available. All my love and blessings to you and anyone that does this workshop.”

“I’ve just done Robert Kirby’s Four Pillars; it’s just been one of the most amazing experiences I have done in my life. I have found parts of me that I kind of knew existed but really got to see and got to know; and shared with so many wonderful, beautiful and supportive people in a very, very safe environment.

If you want more out of life and you want to know who you are I highly recommend this course. It’s sensational; it’s mind-blowing; it’s liberation, passionate and just fabulous. Come and have some fun whilst you get to know yourself!”