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Robert Kirby’s work is about making a difference in the world by working with people committed to their evolution, increasing their leadership presence and making their dreams a reality. As a training facilitator, life coach, business coach and kinesiologist, his rich experience spans three decades.

He and his committed team provide heart-felt solutions for those who strive for excellence. His programs are varied to meet different needs – from spiritual awakening to financial freedom. Ultimately his programs and consultations provide clients with clear intention, inner peace and success.

Personal Development Courses

Personal Development Courses

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“During the past twenty years Robert has been a guest presenter at our school, New Vistas International. Students have been both motivated and transformed by the insights and tools provided by Robert.   He combines both intellect and heart in the dynamic transformational programs he offers worldwide. As a leader in the field of body-centered psychotherapy, he demonstrates an understanding of both the goodness found in each individuals heart, how they defend against it, and the steps needed to return to their true nature.”

– Donna M. Hamilton, MFT, PhD & Rev Robert B. James, MADiv

“Robert Kirby has been a part of a major change in my personal life which has ultimately impacted on positive changes in my work life.”

– Con Katsinas, CEO International Hotel Services

“I finally have more direction and certainty of my inner world driving me. No more of the outer push and pull. I feel integrated in my body and my spirit feels free. I’m very grateful.”

– Naomi Nahoum

“The last 3 days has been absolutely amazing. The processing, the teaching, the information has been delivered in such a way that has been embodied, transforming, inspiring, to allow each individual to live their life passion and dream and to lead others to have their dream. I love how Robert has continuously evolved the work to new high dimensions. Love this work.”

– Mike Crane

“During these 3 days I have felt my sense of self expand – I feel freer and at peace but most of all I have gone beyond my own expectations with being able to present in front of a group – something I never thought I could do. This work really is transformational!”

– Michelle Haifer

“My God you are amazing Robert Kirby, that was truly the most inspiring weekend of my life.  My life keeps growing and expanding because your life keeps doing that too.  You are so generous with all you give us, nothing is too much for you. I appreciate you with all my heart and bless and wish your soul joy and love.”

– Deb Hibble

“I feel overwhelmed and blessed to be here with all these people supporting my journey of spiritual and personal transformation. I feel the change within and can’t wait to see more! Thanks Robert.”

– Steve Ellison

Robert’s Blog

Stick to what you’re good at

Stick to what you’re good at

“Stick to what you’re good at” Do you remember hearing that? Maybe you heard it when you were exploring what to do with your life as a youth or when you were considering a career change. What if you turned that statement around? Do what you love, because what you love...

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Do you want to be a leader? Maybe not in the ‘Forbes 100 List’ type of “leader”, but in the “real” sense of the word. Leaders are those who lead by their words and their actions. Everyone is a leader whether they intend to be or not. We are the leaders of our own...

Your Personal Development Plan

Robert Kirby and his team deliver the path and curriculum for transformation and self development – focusing on inspiring, heart-centred leadership qualities. Working with change makers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners, he is looking for those who desire a deeper, more authentic lifestyle, while achieving success in all areas of life.  With over 30 years experience as an executive life coach and leadership trainer, his results-driven business coaching will raise you and your business to the next level.

Life Coaching & Business Coaching

Robert’s 20 years of experience in executive coaching, combined with his unique personal development courses create an environment of self improvement and spiritual awakening, through body psychotherapy, holistic health, myofascial release, catharsis, having fun, and simply learning to let go.  If you’ve been wondering why you can’t turn your knowledge into action, Robert helps you see – and smash through – that glass ceiling.  If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, Robert is the coach you’ve been waiting for.

Outstanding Leadership Qualities

As Robert Kirby’s logo reveals, the power of 8 – the number of infinity and wealth – is central to his work, which focuses on 8 P’s: Purpose, Presence, Passion, People, Planet, Power, Productivity, and Profit. These leadership qualities are ultimately for those who seek to provide a significant contribution to the world and be fully aligned to their purpose.

Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Awakening

The world is changing on a vibrational level. It is permeating our personal and professional endeavours. The transformation process Robert Kirby delivers enables people to rise to and exist at a higher heart vibration, experiencing a constant state of effortless flow, enlightened spirituality and self confidence. By the way, Robert is also an expert in chakra healing, pranic healing, energy healing, and many other forms of spiritual healing.